Dec. 3rd, 2006

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Hickory dickory dock, Mark rode down the block
The block struck Mark, and his bike escaped with minor injuries

Lame, I know, but it seemed funny at the time. 'The time' being when I fell off my bike this morning. It wasn't anything serious. My foot slipped off the pedal and caught on the asphault and the bike shot out to one side and dumped me on my left hip and elbow. I have exciting bleeding bruises where I hit the ground, and also I chewed up one of the knuckles on my right hand (I have no idea how I did that).

I never knew knuckles bled that much.

Anyway, I'm fine. Actually, it was a good thing. I enjoyed walking my bike the rest of the way and getting to take a good look at all the things I normally race by. There are these great berries growin on the trees, dark blue, but frosted over in white. And places where the vines rush over the walls and fall to the ground, like verdant waterfalls. And two persimmon trees. They're bare now, but still heavy with fruit. Even when the persimmons are bashed in and oozing, there's still something beautiful about them. I like persimmons.

It was also nice to be reminded of how much I like teaching. I had a perfect excuse to go home and go back to sleep, but I decided not to take it, and to go and teach my lesson anyway.

Now, Kepler's, on the other hand, I might call in sick for. Teaching involves a lot more sitting than Kepler's - I'm feeling basically ok, but I'm not sure I want to stand and walk on this hip for four hours straight.

Anyway, Abby is taking good care of me, and I'll decide in twenty minutes whether or not


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