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electricpaladin ([personal profile] electricpaladin) wrote2012-06-14 08:46 am

Attention All White Wolf Nerds

As some of you might know, I've been working - on and off - on a couple of hacks and drifts that should allow me to use the Storyteller System for a couple of other settings and styles, from Blue Rose to a dark sci-fi setting of my own invention. One of my goals has been to simplify the system, bringing it back to the basic permutations on page 134 of the World of Darkness corebook. I'd like there to be more supernatural advantages in my hacks that use these fundamental advantages than "special case" magic powers. This should have a dual benefit: the "special cases" will be rare and exciting, and the system will be significantly streamlined.

Anyway, to recap for you, the advantages are:
  • 9-Again: Reroll 9s for additional chances at   successes.
  • 8-Again: Reroll 8s for additional chances at successes.
  • Extra Success: Add successes (if you roll at least one).
  • Modifies Resistance: Reduce the dice penalty from a victim's Resistance stat (or other dice penalty), or, alternately, add to your own Resistance stat.
  • Rote Action: Reroll all failures for a chance at additional successes
  • Advanced Action: Roll twice, keep the best.
  • Extra Talent: Add a third trait to the Attribute + Skill pool (ie. Attribute A + Attribute B + Skill).

What I'd love from the White Wolfers in the crowd - or even just the mathematicians - is an idea of how mechanically effective these advantages are relative to each other.

I know that some of these advantages are situational, or have characteristic quirks. For example, I know that Extra Success has the quirk of being potentially very powerful, but only if the player can roll that crucial first success. I know that Modifies Resistance is situationally useful.

However, what I want to know is how the "basic" advantages stack up. 8-Again is better than 9-Again, but how do the "X-Again" rules measure up to Rote Action? Or Advanced Action? Are more dice (ie. Extra Talent) better than rerolls (X-Again, Rote, Advanced) or worse?

Thanks in advance for your help. I'm looking forward to interesting discussion.