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electricpaladin ([personal profile] electricpaladin) wrote2012-03-20 02:16 pm

English Language Learners Contemplation

I think it is continually fascinating that my English Language Learners are much more likely to get my silly puns than my native English speakers. For example: practically without fail, my Latino boys (and some girls) will laugh when I call a student selected by pulling his equity stick (a set of sticks, each with a different student's name written on them - an engagement strategy that lets every student know that he/she can be called on, even if they don't volunteer, and helps address any subconscious biases I might have)  a "sticktim" (a victim selected by equity stick - as opposed to a volunteer who rases his/her hand). Very few of my native English speakers appreciate my silly puns.

I don't know what, if anything, it means, but I find it odd and entertaining.

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