electricpaladin: (Aleph Hack)
electricpaladin ([personal profile] electricpaladin) wrote2012-03-08 10:49 am

A Social Science Question

Is there such a thing as Perceived Frequency Creep?

By that I mean does the frequency with which something happen seem to increase with repetition, even though the frequency does not actually increase?

I ask because I have a really crappy phone - smart enough to actually crash periodically, just like a crappy computer, but not smart enough to actually do anything smart - and it seems like those crashes are coming with increasing frequency. It hasn't reached the point that the crashes are exactly common - we're not at the "once a week or so" level - but it does seem that they happen more often. It seems that the first few times my phone crashed, I had to strain to remember the last time it had happened, whereas now, while I can't recall the exact date, it seems much more recent.

This sounds exactly like the kind of bullshit our brains produce to keep us looking out for the newer, better, and tastier... but then again, my phone is really crappy.

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