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electricpaladin ([personal profile] electricpaladin) wrote2012-02-06 10:21 am

At the Close of My Natality

When Abby started celebrating my birthday, she taught me a beautiful custom from her family. Birthdays are officially considered to be extended affairs, stretching from the first celebration to the last. Thus, my 29th birthday started some time mid January, with Abby and I going out for Fondue, and ended last night, when Abby and I went out to dinner with her family. It's a nice custom, especially for Abby and me. My birthday comes at the end of January, which makes it a great way to extend the holiday season, while Abby's comes right after school ends for the summer, which makes it a nice way to celebrate surviving another year.

I won't lie - I enjoy getting presents. It seems that enjoying receiving presents goes out of fashion after a certain age, but I've never really lost it. Perhaps its redeeming that I also enjoy giving presents - perhaps it doesn't need redeeming. This year I did pretty well: I got a tiny plastic (well, resin) spaceman from one friend and a tiny plastic space-tank from myself, a wonderful and hilarious necklace from Abby (one side: the Prime symbol from Mage: the Ascension, the other side: "Motherfucking Sorcerer"), a list of the Internet's best free adventure games from another friend, a personalized Cards Against Humanity-style game from Abby's sister, a blue blazer from Abby's parents, and a nice check from my grandma. I also received the priceless gift of the time and company of many of my friends, old and new, over the course of the weeks of my birthday celebration.

So far, 29 is turning out to be a good year. I've got my work in order, more or less. For the first time in a long time, between tiny plastic spacemen, D&D Encounters, and Dresden Files with Max, I'm getting my play in order, too. I've got a professional organizer and a personal trainer to help me get my home and body in order, and both feel more like opportunities than onerous obligations.

What do I hope for in my 29th year? I'd like to get back to the guitar, make more time to write, and continue to grow and develop (or, in the case of my personal trainer, shrink and develop). I hope to continue to improve my work and my play. 

I'll keep you posted.