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A Sleepytalk Update from a few nights ago:

Me: (sitting up suddenly) You can go now.
Abby: (laughs) What?
Me: (reproachfully) I just finished negotiations with the- (passes out again)

Abby said my voice had a quality to it that implied that I was in character. I had just finished running game for her, so maybe, in my head, I was still running, despite the fact that I had ended the session and gone to sleep on the floor.

That night, I also dreamed a fantasy story. There was lots of confusion and lots of things that aren't cool enough to report, though they might make their way into the finishd version of the story if it ever gets written, but there were clockwork magical power-armors, past life memories and evil undead kings, and a hot chick. I think the upshot was that I was the reincarnation of some dead prince, and she was the reincarnation of the courtesan who the bad guy had employed to distract him from his cause, only she fell in love with him and joined him. The coolest thing was that apparantly the reason the bad guy could come back from the dead was that the prince hadn't married the courtesan, instead passing her over for someone more appropriate, who would help him rule his new kingdom. It was all on good terms, the courtesan understood what was going on and why, and they stayed good friends, but the fact that the hero and the heroine, who loved each other, hadn't ended up togethe meant that the story wasn't finished, and with the story left incomplete, the villain was incompletely bound, and could return.

I have also discovered baking. Two nights ago, I made my first loaf of bread. It was brilliant, and I can't wait to do more. My cooking repetoire now consists of:

Chicken Lemongrass Curry Soup
Chicken Teryaki Marinade
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Deviled Eggs
Salmon Teryaki Marinade
Spaghetti and Meat Sauce

And all the easy stuff: salad tossing, frozen-food cooking, and so on.
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Some gems from the last few nights:

"I'm a bad ST. Bad STs sleep on the floor." - Me

"He likes the stars..." - Me, in reference to a Sidereal NPC

"Yes, they all have their weapons." - Me


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