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I think it is continually fascinating that my English Language Learners are much more likely to get my silly puns than my native English speakers. For example: practically without fail, my Latino boys (and some girls) will laugh when I call a student selected by pulling his equity stick (a set of sticks, each with a different student's name written on them - an engagement strategy that lets every student know that he/she can be called on, even if they don't volunteer, and helps address any subconscious biases I might have)  a "sticktim" (a victim selected by equity stick - as opposed to a volunteer who rases his/her hand). Very few of my native English speakers appreciate my silly puns.

I don't know what, if anything, it means, but I find it odd and entertaining.


Aug. 20th, 2009 04:18 pm
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Weird physical reaction today...

It started when my hands started shaking. Not full-on palsy, but more shaky than I'm used to. My hypochondria hits hard, and I start to convince myself that I'm developing some kind of terrible brain disease. After about a half an hour of this, I suddenly start feeling really, really hungry, and then I remember that all I've had to eat today is a muffin, a cookie, and a handful of shrimp.

So, not a brain disease, but rather some serious vitamin deficiencies.

Still, it was a strange reaction. I've never had the shakes hit before the hungry.

Now, to enjoy my sammich...
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Check this out. You'll... you'll just... I'm speechless: http://tinyurl.com/atnsa
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Remember how during my senior year of college, in January, I hurt my shoulder really badly (like out of commission for a month) and never went to a doctor for it?

Remember how right now I'm losing a lot of weight?

Well, just a little while ago I noticed that there's a bony lump on my left shoulder. It wasn't apparent before, but as I lose weight it's become increasingly visible. You know how everyone has a little peak at the inmost corner of each shoulder blade and a sort of a wide valley between that peak and the neck? Well, my left 'peak' is a noticeably bigger than the right.

Huh. I kind of wonder what it was, exactly, I did to myself three years ago.


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