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 I just had my weirdest, coolest dream yet. The dream of a lifetime, maybe.

I dreamed that there was this guided roleplaying game/book/boardgame thing - it seemed so real in my dream, but now I'm not sure it ever existed. It was something you could play with friends, with characters, narrative, and choices like a roleplaying game, but it had a fixed story, like a boardgame or a book. There were multiple endings depending on the choices you made - you certainly needed a book to run the thing - but it was still very structured. There may have been an actual board at some point, I don't remember.

It seems so real. To me now. I remember Cadwallon the bard - except actually he was the figher you could play, it's just that he was good enough at fighting to do the job, but singing music and knowing a little song-magic was his calling rather than killing people -  and Reme the thief (there was a wizard and a dwarf you could play, too, but they were lame, and in my recollection, I never played them). I remember that Cadwallon was an extravagent fool, always making bad choices, and Reme was so serious. I remember Reme's love affair with the dryad - it was almost always tragic, you almost always had to make the choices that led to her sacrficing herself for the cause unless you were very skilled and very lucky - and the frog monster puzzle. I remember fleeing the city as its inhabitants were slaughtered by ghosts.

In my dream, I was hunting down copies of this book/game with my fellow enthusiasts. We wandered all over the place, looking, searching, asking questions. We googled, we bothered publishing industry executives, we followed bad leads down dead ends, but we never gave up hope. We all had memories of this game - it had been years since any of us had seen it a copy - and we talked about it constantly, sharing our memories of the characters and the trouble they got into.

And then we found it. I don't know where we were - a bank, maybe? - but there were people standing in lines and piles and piles of game books. Most of them I didn't recognize, but I finally found my book. It was a small, bulky hardback, like Spirit of the Century or Burning Empires, I glanced through it and saw everything I thought I had forogtten. I held the book to my chest and cried with joy at finding it again, while one of the other enthusiasts - a woman - sat with me.

And then I woke up.

I've been searching all over the internet, but I'm pretty sure it was just a dream. I can't find any reference anywhere to Reme the thief or Cadwallon the Bard of Swords. I'm not sure, though. It's so vivid, and the dream-memories seem so real.

It's a weird, melancholy feeling, to wake from a dream where you longed for a book that validated childhood memories, back to a waking world where the book doesn't exist.

OTF Dream

Jul. 31st, 2009 06:09 am
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Lat night I dreamed:

My sister and I were park ragners just like our dad.

Until a new species of Hyena was introduced to our (temperate) forest.

And our father was eaten by one.

So we went out to kill the Hyena - because animals that get into the habit of eating people need to be killed - and also for revenge.

We were stocked up and sent out by the boss ranger.

Who looked just like my Oakland Teaching Fellowship advisor Sean Tamarisk... 
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I spent the night besides a pleasant pool, ringed by stones covered with thick, soft moss. The water was deep and clear, and a silver tap - like a bathroom sink tap - rose out of the water.

When I woke, I had to clean myself up so I could continue on my journey. Luckily enough, I had brought some soap along. I washed my face in the cool water. I also brought my toothbrush and some toothpaste, so I was able to brush my teeth.

I woke up to discover that I had spat all over my arm.



Dec. 8th, 2008 01:06 pm
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Last night's dream was incredibly long and involved, so you'll forgive me if I only summarize.

I was living in some kind of dystopian future where the government's weapon of choice was this devastating handgun that fired a very small singularity at its target, letting the tidal forces tear him apart. I was some kind of revolutionary, whose troubles began when I fell in love with [livejournal.com profile] ladypimpernel, whose father was a major evil industrialist in this grim future.

I did a lot of terribly subversive things that eventually led to me being hunted by the police. However, I managed to avoid them, and eventually build a tenuous friendship with one of them, played by, of all people, [livejournal.com profile] camille's boyfriend Max. This friendship lasted until someone stole Max's terrible death pistol and pinned it on me. I think, in the dream, I disapproved of the crime because I didn't want anyone using those things, let alone someone on my side. When the dream ended, I was evading capture and trying to avoid killing Max, who was trying to kill me with no such compunctions.
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Last night I had two distinct dreams that I recall.

In one, I was mugged at school. It was actually pretty frightening. Two guys pulled me into the men's room and threatened me with a knife until I gave them my wallet. I tried to engage in conversation with them (to individuate them and assert my humanity, and thus improve my chances of surviving) but it didn't work. They were getting increasingly agitated, and I was really afraid of being stabbed.

In the second, I was reading a rather disturbing article in a magazine about the successes and challenges of a woman with tiny extra legs growing out of her hips. At least it wasn't heads, but still kind of freaky, especially since the magazine insisted on having all these naked photos of her. I mean, she was kind of cute (really skinny, though - not my type), but still. Ugh.

I also had one dream I don't recall very well, except for the phrase "that's the best way to get hugs from lesbians."

It's a fun head I've got here...


Nov. 7th, 2008 07:38 am
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Last night I dreamed...

That I was a night caste solar exalt (this was inherent in the dream - dream knowledge - not discerned from the events of the dream) investigating some place and having no luck. So, to help me loosen up, my Sidereal sent in our unexalted warrior sidekick to have a fun duel with me. We fought back and forth with long, thin two-handed swords and decided, to spice things up, to bet some portion of the lands I stood to inherit when I married the princess. I'm not sure what I stood to gain if I won the match.

And then I woke up.
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I was taking the bus to somewhere that looked like the tired, ass-end of San Francisco, down by the sea. Not too different from the dingy parts of the Sunset. The sun was setting in an orange sort of way, and the streets were empty, autumnal, and dusty, in a sad abandoned industrial (rather than creepy abandoned industrial or ugly abandoned industrial) sort of way.

On the bus with me was someone I knew when I was in Prague with the Lauder Exchange Program, though for the life of me I can't remember his name. We were friends, in a distant sort of way. We drank beer and went to see strippers together; I used his spare fake ID. I went with him once when he went off to get a tattoo.

We were going to a restaurant where a bunch of his real friends were getting together. He was going to tell them he was gay (which he wasn't in real life, as far as I know) and he wanted me nearby because he thought they might reject him, and if that happened, he didn't want to be alone. He didn't want me to come to the party, he just wanted me in the neighborhood. So I gave him a supportive hug at the door and he went in to the restaurant. I went to wander around.

I ended up by the beach, where I found a picnic table where someone had left a cake. It was a big sheet-style confetti cake. I thought about the points (yes, I'm doing weight watchers even in my dreams now) and decided to take a piece. Only, no matter how much I ate, the piece of cake I was working on didn't get any smaller.

Then, along came this angry blond surfer guy. He was annoyed that I was eating the cake. He started berating me, telling me how hard the cake's baker (her name, I think, might have been Nora) had worked, how the cake wasn't meant for me, and so on.

So, I pointed out that the cake had clearly been left here for anyone to have. It had obviously already been enjoyed by whoever it had been made for, and the leftovers were fair game. The surfer opened the cardboard box the cake was in and agreed, seeing that the rest of the cake was, largely, a mess, covered in pretzels and giant red crabs.

Then I woke up.

. . .

That's the weirdest dream in a while. I wonder what it means. Any takers?
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Last night was a weird one.

I dreamed that I was working at a sleep away summer program, as a teacher, along with many people I knew and recognized from fiction. [livejournal.com profile] ladypimpernel was there, too, only somehow she was also Buffy, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The principal was [livejournal.com profile] wickedthought (John Wick). The whole thing was also a LARP run by John Wick. The only system of the LARP was that each day at lunch your character would get a different power to effect how you interacted with others based on what kind of sandwich you selected. I, for example picked the BLT, and got a secret from John and the power to get other people to tell me their secrets.

Then the plot started. Brian and James (two friend I know through Aaron and Fae) played a pair of men with guns, in suits, and carrying a burlap sack. They were criminals. When I woke up, they had already killed Rebecca Ganetzky.


Jul. 23rd, 2008 05:10 pm
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Dream 1

Abby and I were fighting to survive a zombie outbreak in an enormous building. Luckily, this was a one-time rise of all more-or-less intact human corpses, so it was something we could survive. Also, the older a zombie got the easier it was to knock its head off with my trusty baseball bat. Unfortunately, my increased tension at the zombie outbreak placed a strain on the relationship, and Abby left me for a surfer. I did the only rational think I could do - I locked myself inside a stairwell atrium/thing (which apparently included a refrigerator and a water fountain) to wait out the zombies. When Abby returned (to put up posters advertising a Playback Theater performance for the survivors) she wouldn't speak to me. Then I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream started modern but gradually became an odd fantasy dream. I was at an ATM when I noticed someone picking various pockets. with some help, we overpowered the pickpocket into a nearby standard fantasy inn and spread his various spoils out over the table. We then proceeded to while away the time it took for the guards to arrive by talking about the items, telling stories about them, and forcing the thief to tell the stories of how he got them. Then, abruptly, a mysterious armored figure appeared (none of us were surprised - I think he was what we all expected) and snuffed out the candles. When they returned, the thief and his stolen goods were gone, but there was a small reward in front of each of us. I woke up as the dream was telling me what each of us did with our reward.
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That I made it to the polling place, only to discover that this woman who looked suspiciously like Abby had arranged it to be her own personal audience, and was giving a Republican speech right before she would let anyone vote. I complained, which gave everyone else the impetus to shut her up. She defiantly flashed her name tag at me, clearing up any lingering suspicion that she was actually Abby - her name was Anierenan, or something like that.

The dream also involved loosing my voting guide/cheat sheet, but then finding it in my bag, under my knitting.

. . .

The dream is telling me that you should all vote. So vote. And watch out for Anierenan.
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That Ian McEwan came to Kepler's for a book signing, only instead of signing any book that he actually wrote, for some reason he was signing copies of Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell. Anyway, I asked him to sign a copy of Atonement for Abigail, but he told me that if he was going to sign a book that was not the one the event was about, he needed me to pay him five dollars, despite the fact that I have never seen an author behave that way.

The rest of the dream was taken up by wandering around the store, trying desperately to find five dollars so I could get the book signed for Abigail.

No surprises where this dream is coming from.
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Only a short Cheerieos post today, kids.

Last night I dreamed that I went to Japan, was rescued from a biker gang by a kindly old lady in a church, visited by a ghost who turned water into... something that proved to the old lady's husband that a ghost had been there, given a bunch of gifts, and guided with an incomprehensible saying, something about giving rice to monks and mountains to Chinese people.

I have no idea. No idea at all.

Also, today is the last day of my Shir Hadash class. I'll find time to meditate on that later.
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A Sleepytalk Update from a few nights ago:

Me: (sitting up suddenly) You can go now.
Abby: (laughs) What?
Me: (reproachfully) I just finished negotiations with the- (passes out again)

Abby said my voice had a quality to it that implied that I was in character. I had just finished running game for her, so maybe, in my head, I was still running, despite the fact that I had ended the session and gone to sleep on the floor.

That night, I also dreamed a fantasy story. There was lots of confusion and lots of things that aren't cool enough to report, though they might make their way into the finishd version of the story if it ever gets written, but there were clockwork magical power-armors, past life memories and evil undead kings, and a hot chick. I think the upshot was that I was the reincarnation of some dead prince, and she was the reincarnation of the courtesan who the bad guy had employed to distract him from his cause, only she fell in love with him and joined him. The coolest thing was that apparantly the reason the bad guy could come back from the dead was that the prince hadn't married the courtesan, instead passing her over for someone more appropriate, who would help him rule his new kingdom. It was all on good terms, the courtesan understood what was going on and why, and they stayed good friends, but the fact that the hero and the heroine, who loved each other, hadn't ended up togethe meant that the story wasn't finished, and with the story left incomplete, the villain was incompletely bound, and could return.

I have also discovered baking. Two nights ago, I made my first loaf of bread. It was brilliant, and I can't wait to do more. My cooking repetoire now consists of:

Chicken Lemongrass Curry Soup
Chicken Teryaki Marinade
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Deviled Eggs
Salmon Teryaki Marinade
Spaghetti and Meat Sauce

And all the easy stuff: salad tossing, frozen-food cooking, and so on.
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Last night I dreamed that I had discovered a circus (an EVIL circus) where awful experiments were turning ordinary animals (and a few people) into creepy, deformed versions of themselves.

To clarify, I have a mild phobia of (and sick fascination with) serious deformation. Multiple heads, twisted limbs, and so on. All that stuff freaks me out.

Anyway, after discovering the circus, I decided to let all the animals hide in my apartment. The body of the dream was me standing by the door, growing increasingly panicked, as more and more horribly twisted creatured filed into my house to hide. By the end I was actually on my knees, twitching, but I couldn't stop them from coming in, because then the evil circus would recapture them.

I woke up pretty distressed, but later decided that some of the creatures were, upon reflection, kind of cute. For example, there was a creature with the body of a lobster, the head of a hornbill bird thing (like from the cereal box), but altered so that it lived in cacti.

Also, happy new years. More on that later.
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In this dream, a main character type (identified with, but not identicle to, myself) and a number of other people are running around in this... place. It's sort of like a campus, but with a more regimented feel, maybe a concentration camp or a lax prison, and entirely indoors. One by one, the people there are taken "down." When they return, they refuse to move or speak and eat and drink only one helped. Eventually, if left alone, they vanish altogether. No one is surprised by these events, and they fear and resent it, though no one knows what happens "down." No one talks about who they were or what they did before coming to this place, and I am unclear on how much they remember. One day, it is the main character type's turn to go "down," but when he returns, he burns with a new purpose. He begins agitating his fellow prisoners to escape, to go "up" into the outside world, instead of down. When others come back up from whatever happens to them "down," he tries to revive them, but with little success.

Eventually, the main character's best friend is taken "down" and returns like the others, aparently broken. The main character starts trying to help him recover, and for the first time meets with some success. His friend starts eating and moving and eventually speaking again, but when the the main character exhorts his friend to join him in his escape attempts, the friend rebels. They have a fight, and the friend at one point strikes the main character and shouts something like this:

"You've been down there, and you know the truth! We're all just ghosts. We're all nothing. You, you're nothing, nothing but the hopes and dreams and loyalty to life of someone who no longer exists."

To which the main character responds, screaming desperately and defiantly, "I don't care. I think and I feel and I am, and that's the only thing that matters."

Of the friend's shout, the only thing I am sure of is the phrase 'loyalty to life of someone who no longer exists,' the rest is paraphrased. The main character's response I think I have almost entirely right.

I don't know what happens to the friend, but the main character's escape attempts finaly culminate in success, I think, leading to a jumbled mess of Revolutionary Girl Utena-like impressions, including walking at a normal pace while simultaneously racing over a highway at high speeds.


Aug. 31st, 2005 11:56 am
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In the first dream, I find myself reading a book. It is the size of a largeish hardcover novel, with a cover I can no longer recall. It appears to be about a group of students (high school or college, I can't recall) who are themselves reading a book based on an evil play. One by one they are drawn into the book and the play, where something awful happens to them, and they either return warped servants of the power behind the play, or they don't return at all. One of them, the main character, is drawn into the world of the play again and again, but proves too stubborn to be corrupted (which is what makes him the main character, I suppose). Another character of note is one of the students reading the book who is also a good friend of the main character, who the main character believes to be innocent. In the dream, I read the last few pages of the book. The main character ends up dueling his friend, who is nowhere near innocent, in a dark room that is home to a display case holding the original manuscript of the play that the book they are reading is based upon. For some reason, the display case has been replaced by a hole leading into the sky (and, I think, the world of the play). The main character has his back to the hole, and his "friend" is menacing him with a knife. If he steps towards the knife, he will be stabbed; if he steps away, he'll fall into the sky. He tries to jump away, to the far side of the hole, and falls. Then I wake up for the first time.

In the second dream, I am the main character of the book. I know what's coming, because I've read the end of the book, but I can't avoid it. The dream begins to dissolve at this point, with an extended and nonsensical internet research scene and a girl who's foot vanishes, but it is still rather unnerving.
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I am in an old house with my grandfather, my grandmother, and my uncle. I have been there before. An old woman comes out to greet us. She seems happy to see me, but less so to see the people with me. At that moment, I know that she is a ghost, and that she likes to be called "grandma." I'm not afraid - I've been there before - but everyone else is.

After greeting me, she peers carefully at my relatives and announces that there is "much ill" in my uncle (which is a fair enough assessment of the guy) and that my grandparents "think ill of her." I try to argue with grandma about the people with me, but she doesn't want to listen, so we leave.

In the parking lot outside, however, we are attacked by cars. Somehow, I know that this has got to do with grandma. The cars just start up and drive at us at full speed, lights flashing and no one behind the wheel. Strangely enough, they always stop for me; I suppose while grandma wants to kill my grandparents and uncle, she doesn't want to hurt me. My uncle tries to escape at some point without us and gets run over, but I lead my grandparents to safety and then wake up.


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